Ep. #9281

Season 37, Episode 107 -  Air Date: 4/10/2002
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Bo, Hope and Shawn are emotional as they prepare for JT‘s custody hearing. While Shawn takes JT to visit Alice, Bo and Hope‘s worst fears become reality when the judge grants permanent custody of JT to Glen/Barb. The judge bestows it upon Mickey and Cameron to draft a plan to facilitate the change in custody. Hope is especially devastated and wants to appeal, despite Mickey‘s hesitations. In the midst of her own private hell, Hope experiences another flash of white. Bo manages to convince Hope that it will only be more painful for JT if they prolong the inevitable and he helps her come to terms with the loss. Meanwhile, Cameron is worried by the fact that she won the case that Rolf and Lexie bribed her to lose. Cameron informs Rolf that the Reibers won the case and Rolf vows that Cameron will earn her $50,000. Before the day is over, Mickey informs Bo that he has the paperwork to file to pursue custody of Isaac. Bo gives the green light; he knows they can‘t replace JT, but Hope definit