Ep. #9279

Season 37, Episode 105 -  Air Date: 4/8/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Hope is still devastated off the debacle that unfolded at DotCom. She‘s also harboring her anger toward Bo for making her hand over Isaac to Lexie. To make matters worse, Bo has to tell Hope that the baby switch story has been leaked to the press and it‘s in the morning headlines. Glen returns JT from the overnight visit with JT‘s head covered by a blanket. He says he was protecting his son from any stray photos. Before he leaves, Glen announces that he plans to pursue sole custody of JT. Hope and Shawn practically lose it, but Bo manages to keep them together. Hope is visibly shaken as she has another flash of white when she takes JT upstairs to his room. Meanwhile, Bo remembers his flash of white at DotCom when he held Isaac, but decides that it would be best not to burden Hope with this right now. Later, Mickey calls with news that they‘ve been summoned to meet with the judge this afternoon...Abe is furious when he sees that the baby switch has hit the newssta