Ep. #9278

Season 37, Episode 104 -  Air Date: 4/5/2002
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Sami vows revenge on Kate and Lucas. Austin talks with Nicole and tells her that he‘s accepting Carl‘s offer to head up Permalash in Ney York and will work with Nicole and Titan. Austin tells Nicole it‘s time for him to move on, and as he heads for the door he stops, runs back to Nicole and gives her a long kiss (with Sami watching) and then gets his bags and walks out the door leaving a crying Nicole standing in the hotel lobby. Back in Salem, Lexie freaks when she sees Hope holding Isaac and tries to get her baby away from her, but Hope refuses to let him go. With everyone in Dot Com watching as the two women fight over baby Isaac, Celeste is demanding to know why Hope is laying claim to her grandson and is stunned to learn of the baby switch. The Salem PD arrive and Hope demands they call Bo & Abe down there. When they arrive Hope is forced to give Isaac to Lexie and she agrees. While Bo is carrying Isaac over to Lexie, Bo has a white flash like the ones Hope has been having.