Ep. #9276

Season 37, Episode 102 -  Air Date: 4/3/2002
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Sami continues to beg Austin in the bridal room and in desperation tells him she‘s having his baby. Austin picks her up and starts taking her out of the room, Sami asks happily if they‘re going to the chapel, but Austin has other plans. He tells Sami she‘s going to the drug store, to get a pregnancy test that she‘s going to take in front of him. Sami tries everything she can think of to make Austin change his mind, including Will. But Austin has had enough and calls Sami a bitch and leaves. Sami loses it and rips the bridal room to shreads. Austin goes to the chapel to tell everybody about the break up, but Sami‘s hot on his trail. As he begins to explain why he won‘t marry Sami, Sami bursts in and begs him to stop. She makes a big speach, but Austin still won‘t budge. Finally, he caves, and decides not to explain why he broke off the wedding and leaves the chapel and a crying Sami on the floor. Nicole decides to put on Victor‘s engagement ring.