Ep. #9271

Season 37, Episode 97 -  Air Date: 3/27/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Marlena finds John in the lobby and he whisks her off for a surprise. He takes her to a Medieval chapel, where they renew their wedding vows. John pledges his undying love for Marlena and promises never to hurt her again. Marlena tells John her original vows are what have helped them get through all their problems, and she will love him forever. John then takes Marlena to his private jet, which he has recreated to look like it did on their first honeymoon. They melt into each others‘ arms and make love...Shawn buys a book on pregnancy for Jan, but is tackled by Jason and his friends on his way to give it to her. Jason is genuinely hurt about the whole Jan/Shawn situation and starts pummeling Shawn. Mimi gets wind of Jason‘s plans and calls Brady, who comes with Chloe to save Shawn. After Jason and the others run off, Brady slams Shawn in the gut for hurting his little sister. Shawn starts to realize the ramifications of his lie to protect Jan. Meanwhile, Brady co