Ep. #9270

Season 37, Episode 96 -  Air Date: 3/26/2002
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courtesy SoapCity.comAbe overhears Lexie tell Isaac that she‘ll do whatever it takes to keep him. Abe and Lexie argue about where the limit lies of going too far. When Cameron Reese arrives and lays out her plan to discredit Bo and Hope, Abe loses it and throws Cameron out. Abe is appalled that Lexie would consider such tactics, but Lexie spits back that Abe is not willing to fight for his son. Abe tells Lexie that she‘s becoming more and more like a DiMera and he did not marry a DiMera! Meanwhile, Rolf and Bart overhear their argument and Rolf is confident Lexie will choose Isaac over Abe...Mimi is on the warpath as she tears into Shawn for betraying Belle. Shawn wavers with his secret, but manages to walk away from Mimi. She assumes Jason knows about Shawn/Jan, but unknowingly lets the cat out of the bag. Jason is furious and trails Shawn to the park, where they have an altercation. Shawn easily overpowers Jason and tells him that there is more to the story. After Jason threatens S