Ep. #9254

Season 37, Episode 80 -  Air Date: 3/4/2002
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Kate makes Sami bring Will to see Lucas. They both fight, and Kate says her reasons why she‘s going to win, especially since Roman is on her side. Sami attempts to attack Kate, but is then easily tripped. Sami calls Victor after pulling out pictures of Kate as a hooker, and she vows to win. Austin tells Nicole about Lucas, and is suprised when she is truly happy. Inside, he wishes Sami were more like Nicole. When Austin tells her the wedding has been moved up, Nicole is unhappy, and asks if he‘s just doing it for Will. A friendship is growing between Austin and Nicole.Brandon asks Jennifer if he‘s her boyfriend when they go for a workout at the gym, and she says yes. Brandon wants to take their relationship up a notch, but Jennifer isn‘t so sure. Jack is shocked when Greta reveals her feelings about him, since he thought that by telling her he was gay, her romantic feelings for him would subside.Philip gives Chloe a rose and is desperate, yet Chloe doesn‘t know if they should date. S