Ep. #9121

Season 36, Episode 196 -  Air Date: 8/20/2001
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**from SoapCity.com**Sami visits Nicole and demands she get Victor to back off about Brandon and hand over both incriminating tapes. Nicole refuses; Victor and Brandon enter and Sami dodges into the bathroom. Victor urges Nicole to reveal what Sami did to incite her last night, but Sami dangles the tape and Nicole buckles to one of the demands. She tells Brandon and Victor that Sami wanted her to back off about Brandon, but she doesn‘t try to get the tape. Brandon‘s angry that Victor tried to pressure Sami, but Nicole takes the blame. Victor/Brandon leave and Sami comes out, furious that Nicole didn‘t ask for the tape. She convinces Sami that having Brandon is more important and that asking for the tape would only raise Victor‘s suspicions. Later, Sami feigns surprise when Brandon tells her everything Nicole confessed. He thinks Nicole/Sami are withholding information and he insists Sami tell him the whole truth...Jennifer goes to the Salem Inn to talk to Colin and is surprised to se