Ep. #8955

Season 36, Episode 5 -  Air Date: 12/21/2000
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Hope worries when she sees that John has shown up at the party, and she‘s not the only one. Abe and Lexie are also worried that John and Roman will let their differences ruin Bo and Hope‘s night. Hope is begging John to walk away from J.T. and let him be raised by her and Bo when Marlena shows up, and Marlena has the same question for him...can he walk away from his son? John‘s only response is to ask Marlena to come home with him, but she says she needs time on her own.Shawn asks Belle to come to the party, but she won‘t leave Brady. While talking about the situation, Brady tells Belle that he doesn‘t blame Marlena and he wants her to come home. He‘s convinced that Roman is the one to blame, and that Roman shot him to impress Marlena. At Tuscany, John has the same idea, and orders Roman to leave, accusing him of being in love with Marlena.At the party, Sami heads over to talk to Victor. She knows that he and Kate were behind her near death experiences in Italy, and she‘s not going t