Ep. #8946

Season 36, Episode 21 -  Air Date: 12/7/2000
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At the dance, everyone is having a good time, and Phillip and Chloe are dancing. Up on the big screen, a slide show of various students begins to show. Mimi has a sudden attack of guilt, but Jan tells her that it is too late to do anything. Suddenly, everyone goes nuts as pictures of Chloe, in the shower, with strategically placed soap suds appears on the screen with www.operagirl.net as a caption. Phillip is furious as everyone begins talking about how Chloe is selling her body on the web. Phillip asks how Chloe could do this to him? Belle yells out ""Who did this?"" Kevin points at Brady and says he did it! Brady says he did not do this, but Jan thinks they are off the hook because the ""crip"" will take the fall. Jason begins chanting ghoul girl, and soon everyone else joins in. Chloe has a flashback to when she was teased and hated. Kevin continues to blame Brady, and Mr Woods yells at Kevin to turn the projector off! Chloe confronts Brady and asks him if this was his idea, or Victor‘s