Ep. #8935

Season 36, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 11/21/2000
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Abe suggests she keep her distance from Brandon, but Sami likes him. Brandon tells Benny he wants to hold off on the Abe Carver case...he‘s got other things to deal with. When Fay overhears Brandon tell Benny they‘ll destroy Abe once and for all, she‘s very angry with her son. But that‘s nothing compared to how angry Sami is when Angela tells her that her father Vincent has the tape!Greta isn‘t sure what to do about the fight, knowing that if she doesn‘t call it off, she‘ll be able to help the orphans, but she could be putting Austin in a lot of danger. He says he‘ll trust her choice, and Greta tells Charles the fight is on.Philip and Chloe skate around the pond and talk about their relationship, as Philip admits for the first time (albeit in a whisper) that he‘s falling in love with Chloe.Mimi and Jan meet up at Salem Place to discuss Jan‘s plan for bringing Chloe down once and for all.