Ep. #8934

Season 36, Episode 9 -  Air Date: 11/20/2000
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BO & HOPE‘S RECEPTIONAt the Penthouse, Brady and Belle are still excited by their Christmas miracle. Brady is determined to stand. Brady insists that she go to the wedding and be with her friends, but Belle won‘t leave his side. He tries to stand but can‘t yet. Belle urges him not to become discouraged but Brady is in very good spirits. He tells Belle that nothing is going to make him sad today - he has feeling in his legs again! He tells Belle that he is going to be OK and that he really wants her to go to the reception. He says that he wants her to go and dance a dance for him. She grins and agrees to go. She heads upstairs to her room because she has to fix her hair. She sees there is a message on her machine. It‘s Shawn... (explained below)Meanwhile, The wedding reception starts with Doug going on and on about how glad he is to have given Hope away this time. Everyone is happy and a little emotional. Shawn realizes Belle hasn‘t made it yet and goes to call her to find out what‘s