Ep. #8933

Season 36, Episode 8 -  Air Date: 11/17/2000
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BO & HOPE‘S WEDDINGThe Wedding is underway… There is a lot of commotion inside the church. Shawn gets there and he has a new tux for Abe, since he was covered in grease. Roman can‘t seem to find the rings. Hope is having trouble getting ready on time and the whole ceremony is running late. The guests that came for midnight mass are worried that the wedding will run too long and Alice is tired.Outside the church, things are not any better. Sami gets to the church just as Kate, Victor, Phillip and Chloe do. Sami, being Sami, just can‘t resist taunting Kate. She asks her if she and Victor are married yet. They quickly tell her that it is none of her business, but she manages to come back with a reply, ""Since I am going to marry Kate‘s son Austin, her marital stability is very much my business"". Phillip is not pleased to see Sami taunting his parents, but stays quiet. Sami then heads into the church with a ""Sami-style"" smirk on her face. Phillip turns and apologizes to Chloe for the