Ep. #8931

Season 36, Episode 6 -  Air Date: 11/15/2000
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Nicole has a Christmas gift for Lucas...divorce papers. She vows to make sure that he loses custody of Will, and blackmails Lucas into signing the papers. She leaves, not realising that Lucas is formulating a plan to kidnap Will and leave the country. Spending the day with her son, Sami is both encouraged and worried to learn that Lucas is hitting the bottle pretty heavily again. She knows it will help her custody case, but she doesn‘t want her son exposed to that. Later, Nicole, Will, and Sami show up at the hospital Christmas party.When Mimi shows up with her hair covered by a scarf, Jan, Shawn, and Jason are curious as to why, and want to know just what Mimi is hiding. Chloe yanks the scarf off Mimi‘s head, showing off her handiwork. A still-distraught Mimi points the finger at Chloe, stating that Chloe is responsible for what happened to her. Shawn can‘t believe it, but Jan knows Chloe well enough to know it‘s true.Brady gets upset when both Belle and John try to help him up afte