Ep. #8929

Season 36, Episode 4 -  Air Date: 11/13/2000
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Marlena looks at a family picture as she continues her plans to leave. John does his best to explain to Belle and Brady about Marlena leaving. After Marlena, John and Belle say their goodbyes, Brady follows Marlena to the hall, taunting her about his accident, and how it‘s her fault. Back in the penthouse, Brady receives a call from Maggie, who tells him he is no longer banned from Tuscany, and invites him to the party. At the Salem Inn, Maggie shows up to invite Marlena to the party as well. At Tuscany, Maggie pulls Hope aside, and gets her out of the way so that they are able to surprise her with a bridal shower. She sends Bo outside, and Roman and Abe grab him for a bachelor party. After the parties, the two groups join up together, bringing the kids into the mix. While Abby takes pictures, Bo and Hope talk about their beautiful baby boy. In the hallway, John watches the three of them, and is more determined than ever to be part of J.T.‘s life.With the ladder down on the ground, Na