Ep. #8927

Season 36, Episode 2 -  Air Date: 11/9/2000
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Brandon and Sami talk about the way Brandon feels about Abe, and Sami tries to tell him he‘s wrong about Abe Carver. Angela calls Brandon, wanting to get together, but he brushes her off. After Sami leaves, Brandon bumps into Jennifer, and the two exchange introductions. Jennifer is intrigued by Brandon after seeing him talk a young boy named Stan out of leaving the hospital, but Alice firmly warns her off him. Sami runs into Angela and pushes her away, later worrying that she‘s ruined their chances of getting the tape, but Angela shows up with dinner and an apology. In the meantime, Kate, Victor, and Vincent Moroni all gather at Titan, where Vincent delights in telling Victor that Kate has been manipulating things from the get-go. Kate tries to defend herself, but Vincent reveals that Angela has a taped copy of Roberto‘s deathbed confession. Victor wants the tape, but Moroni wants to deal, asking about territory Victor has that he [Moroni] wants. Victor isn‘t into any kind of deal.Sh