Ep. #8871

Season 35, Episode 204 -  Air Date: 8/23/2000
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**from SoapCity.com**Jennifer is stunned to see Jack/Sami kissing; Sami is equally as shocked and assures Jennifer that nothing is going on between them. Sami prods Jennifer to admit that she/Brandon broke up; Jennifer confirms and Sami hightails it out of there, leaving Jennifer and Jack to have a serious talk. Jack admits that he wants a future with Jennifer and Abby, but he‘s given up on her and she‘ll have to come to him if she‘s interested. Meanwhile, they‘ll confine their relationship strictly to work. Later, Jennifer gives Jack a leading story about Stefano DiMera...Brandon thinks Lexie is moving back into the mansion, but she informs him that she is staying at the Salem Inn with Celeste. John arrives, accusing Lexie of being in cahoots with Stefano. Brandon defends Lexie as John bashes her and refutes everything she says. After John leaves, Brandon helps Lexie move her things to the inn. Sami learns that Brandon is there and she‘s fuming when she sees Brandon holding Lexie in