Ep. #8730

Season 35, Episode 63 -  Air Date: 2/4/2000
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PREVIEW: Victor surprises Brady; Bill arranges Jack‘s gift to Jennifer; Bo gives Nicole a stern warning. SUMMARY: **from SoapCity.com** Brady tries to put on a brave face for Chloe since it‘s the day of her transplant. Craig is assuring Brady that Chloe is expected to be weak as Nancy joins the duo. Brady gets a surprise visit from Victor; he offers his best wishes for Chloe and then cryptically tells Brady he wants to talk about his grandson‘s future, but only after Chloe is out of the woods. After Victor leaves, Craig, Nancy, and Brady go in to visit with Chloe before the transplant begins and each takes a short time to be alone with her. They all wait outside the room while the transplant begins and Brady takes Joy in his arms, praying for Chloe‘s life...Bo and Hope are having breakfast at the pub when Jack and Jennifer join them; they all agree to collaborate on the investigation of the rise in crime. Meanwhile, Nicole arrives at the pub, unaware that Nico is following her.