Ep. #8687

Season 35, Episode 20 -  Air Date: 12/6/1999
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John tells Marlena that baby John is his child and that he has proof! He tells her that Bo and Hope must never find out because they wouldn‘t understand. Marlena asks John what makes him think that she understands, and slaps him!Kate and a drunk Lucas have a very animated discussion about Sami. After sending him off to ""deal with"" Sami, Kate tells Vincent Moroni that Brandon and ""his blonde"" is up to something...Hope and Alice are out in the park with baby John when a man recognizes Hope as the woman who bought paints from him the previous summer - Princess Gina! Hope uses the opportunity to try and find out about her past, but Alice tells her that this will only upset her more.Sami has a long heart-to-heart chat with Angela (she even asks for advice on her relationship with Austin!), trying to find incriminating evidence against Lucas, but Brandon interrupts their conversation just as she is about to make a breakthrough...Greta and Austin end up in virtual Eden. Charles tells th