Ep. #8679

Season 35, Episode 12 -  Air Date: 11/23/1999
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Nancy isn‘t pleased to see the way Chloe and Craig are bonding, especially since Chloe treats her like garbage. When Craig complains to Nancy about the way Alice Horton treats the two of them and how she stands in his way at the hospital, Nancy tells him that if they were more civically minded, even ‘that witch‘ Alice Horton couldn‘t complain. Nancy suggests that she and Craig offer to house Mimi and her family until they‘re able to find a home of their own, because it goes without saying that Mimi would never agree to the idea, but then they‘ll look that much better in the eyes of the community. Philip and Chloe have shown up and Philip is offering to help any way he can, but Shawn knows his old friend too well, and realises that Philip has an ulterior motive. Belle tells the teens that there are some complications...before Habitat for Humanity will help them, Mimi‘s father needs to get a job. Still with her mother and brother, Mimi continues to be upset that everyone found out, but M