Ep. #8678

Season 35, Episode 11 -  Air Date: 11/22/1999
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Belle, Shawn, Mimi, Maureen, and Conner show up at the hospital so someone can look at Conner. Initially the hospital balks since Mimi‘s family doesn‘t have insurance, but Belle assures them that John Black and Marlena Evans, who just so happen to be her parents, will take care of everything. While Conner and Maureen are in with the doctor, Shawn and Belle try to talk to Mimi about the conversation they witnessed between her and the drug dealer, but she angrily brushes them off. Her friends persis, and finally she breaks down and tells them everything. They promise not to tell. Mimi realises that Chloe also saw, but Belle assures Mimi that Chloe won‘t tell anyone; she says Chloe isn‘t that kind of person. Mimi goes to be with her mom and Conner, and Belle has a wonderful idea as to how they can help Mimi. She tells Shawn about Habitat for Humanity, and says she thinks they should help build Mimi a house. Shawn finally comes around, and then the two of them run into Alice, who agrees th