Ep. #8668

Season 35, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 11/8/1999
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In Salem Place, Greta and Marlena talk about Greta‘s concern for Hope, which leads into a discussion on Eric and Greta‘s relationship. Greta heads off to do some shopping. John, meanwhile, discovers that ‘Hope‘ has been eavesdropping on Marlena‘s conversations, and she feigns heart trouble, and says she just hasn‘t been the same since this whole Hope/Gina thing, and that she needs to see Marlena. John suggests he come with her, but she says she‘ll see her later, she‘s got something to do first. That something involves taking a call from Kurt, who tells Gina that he and Theresa [actress unknown] have found Hope, but she‘s not well. He wants to know if he should get a doctor, which Gina adamantly refuses to allow him to do. She hangs up just as Greta appears, calling her mother. Gina looks around at her, and Greta quickly apologizes, telling her that she just looks so much like her mother. She explains that Hope‘s resemblance to her mother sometimes leads her to project her feelings towa