Ep. #8439

Season 34, Episode 24 -  Air Date: 12/11/1998
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In Paris, John shows up to help Greta and Eric with exuming Gina‘s coffin but stops by Bo‘s first to see whats going on. Bo almost faints and John gets concerned. In Salem, Mike wakes up and he and Carrie get close. The two talk about getting Mike reinstated as COS at University Hospital. In the ER, Nancy and Craig tell Winston & Lewis about Nancy being drugged. Alice and Maggie show up and Carrie leaves to talk to Winston and Lewis and play them Ali‘s tape. After hearing it, they decide they should ask Mike to take his job back. At the mansion, Sami is reading the paper about last night‘s events and can‘t believe how heroic Austin was. Austin shrugs it off as nothing and tells Sami he really saw for the first time last night how much Carrie loves Mike. Back in Paris, Gina‘s having a nightmare about Stefano making Bo and John fight to the death. She‘s woken up by Stefano, and the two talk about their plans to make Bo into their pawn to steal the last Renet.