Ep. #8438

Season 34, Episode 23 -  Air Date: 12/10/1998
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In Paris, Greta sees her mother‘s face and screams in horror. As Gina runs out of the room she‘s caught by Kurt who wisks her back into the touret. Gina doesn‘t understand Greta‘s reaction, and Kurt explains that she‘s been up there for many years. Gina finally sees her true face and realizes she‘s been living a lie these past years. Back in Salem, Austin dives out of the police chopper into the water to try and save Mike from the car wreck. He pulls Ali out first and goes back and gets Mike. While trying to revive Mike, Ali sneaks up behind Carrie and holds a razor blade to her throat. Austin tries to talk Ali down by saying he still loves Carrie and doesn‘t want to see her dead despite her affair with Mike but Ali calls him a fool. Ali decides to make a run for it but doesn‘t get far after the police shoot at her. Ali is taken back to University Hospital along with Mike and once there tells her mother she‘s met the most amazing man, a doctor. Claire and Lexie look in horror