Ep. #8436

Season 34, Episode 21 -  Air Date: 12/8/1998
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Ali taunts Mike as they drive to her secret hidaway. While enroute, Ali gets scared when a police siren sounds behind her. After the car passes her, Ali tells Mike if they‘d pulled her over Tony, in the car behind them, would have killed them. Carrie and Austin again talk about their failed marrage, their second anniversary the next day, and Mike & Ali. As Austin‘s on his way out he stumbles on the tape recorder that Mike dropped and the two listen to Ali‘s confession and realize something is wrong. Sami and Brandon continue their discussion about Austin. Nicole and Lucas return from a country club function and Nicole‘s upset over the comments from some of the ladies there. Will calls for his parents and Nicole and Brandon are left alone to talk about her feelings for Lucas and Eric. Eric has a fantacy about being with Nicole, while Greta is visited by Gina who realizes she‘s her daughter.