Ep. #8435

Season 34, Episode 20 -  Air Date: 12/7/1998
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Eric and Greta explore Gina‘s bedroom in the Chateau de Reves, while Kurt decides its time to get them out of the castle. Up in the touret, Gina plans her escape and knocks Kurt out and steals his keys when he comes to check on her. Gina makes her way to her bedroom and overhears Greta and Eric inside, unable to make out what they‘re saying. Back in Salem, Sami and Austin are having a swim in the Kiriakis pool when Carrie comes over to talk to Austin about their divorce. Inside the mansion, Brandon talks about Sami‘s hopes to get with Austin now that his marrage to Carrie‘s ending. Outside, Carrie relents and signs the divorce papers. Austin says it‘s the best 2 year anniversary present he could have asked for. Meanwhile at Carrie‘s appartment Mike anxiously waits for Carrie to get back so he can play her Ali‘s taped confession when he answers a phone call, it‘s Ali - shocked to hear Mike‘s voice she quickly hangs up. Shortly after, Ali shows up at Carrie‘s appartment with her