Ep. #8433

Season 34, Episode 18 -  Air Date: 12/3/1998
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In Hawaii, John & Marlena revisit all the places they went on their honeymoon, including the beach where John disapeared and the two can‘t figure out what could have happened, and how he lost his wedding ring. Back in Salem, Lucas is shocked when he learns Kate let Austin move into the Kiriakis Pool House, and Kate & Lucas are equally shocked when they find out Sami‘s moved in with Austin. In private, as Billie, Austin & Lucas argue in the pool house, Sami shows Kate she has Rosa Barelli‘s thank you letter and wants to know why she was so determined to get the deathbed confession from Roberto. At University Hospital, Stefano visits Lexie and asks how she could betray him like she did. He then tells her he‘ll be leaving for a while, and Lexie feels guilty. Brandon fills applies for a job at University Hospital and talks to Lexie for the first time about her hiring him. In Paris, ""Gina"" and Bo are at Gina‘s Townhouse and talk about the real Princess Gina and their son Shawn-D. ""Gi