Ep. #8432

Season 34, Episode 17 -  Air Date: 12/2/1998
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Carrie, Austin and Sami argue over them moving into the guest house to spy on Lucas and Will. Carrie says she can‘t believe Austin chose Sami over his wife, and now his own mother. In Paris, Princess Gina continues her imaginary dinner date with Kurt, while at the real restaurant Bo and ""Gina"" meet up with Greta and Eric and discuss Gina‘s mental state towards the end, and her relationship with Father John. ""Gina"" and Bo leave for Princess Gina‘s townhouse, but when they get there ""Gina"" sees Kurt lurking, screams, and faints. At the hospital, Nancy & Craig talk to Mike about the arbitration tomorrow and wish him luck. Mike says he‘s going to call on them to testify in his defence, but Craig says Ali‘s lawyer has already called him as a witness against him. Ali & Claire come up and gloat that she‘s going to win tomorrow and Mike will be without Carrie and a job. A tabloid photographer uses the fight to get a photo before being run off by Mike. Mike accuses Ali of staging the fi