Ep. #8431

Season 34, Episode 16 -  Air Date: 12/1/1998
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Abe is furious with Lexie for lying to him about Vivian‘s health and asks what Stefano did to Vivian to make her fake that she was dying. At the DiMera Mansion, Stefano tries to deny knowing what the chip is but Vivian doesn‘t let up. Stefano can‘t believe Lexie would lie to him. Carrie comes home to the appartment to find Sami packing up Austin‘s things and tells her Austin asked her to move in with him at the Kiriakis Guest House. At the Cheatin‘ Heart, Mike tries to talk to Austin about what happened between him and Carrie, but Austin throws it in his face. In Paris, Bo takes ""Gina"" out to dinner to try and revive some of Hope‘s feelings, and at the same time in the torret, Kurt gives the real Princess Gina an evening of dinner and dancing - but in her warped mind she thinks she‘s out at the real restaurant interacting with royalty.