Ep. #8430

Season 34, Episode 15 -  Air Date: 11/30/1998
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Craig tells Nancy that any day now, he will have that job. Ali is getting ready to drop a bomb on Mike. One of the nurses complains that they can only get good shifts if they sleep with the Chief of Staff, and Craig notes to the board that the sexual harrassment suit is affecting everyone. At Mickey‘s, Mike wants to drag Ali through the mud, but Mickey tells him that Ali is off limit. Unfortunately, he and Carrie aren‘t. They head over to the hospital, where the assorted group watches Ali blast Mike and Carrie on television.Gregory and Rex prepare Ali for the upcoming interview, but Ali is more worried about getting Carrie to admit in court that she had an affair with Mike. After the interview is over, Rex tells Ali that he would love a primetime interview with her. Ali, Gregory, and Claire head down to the hospital, where Ali refuses to settle the lawsuit out of court. She finally agrees to arbitration as long as Carrie ends up on the stand. Later she goes home and talks to her ‘doll