Ep. #8428

Season 34, Episode 13 -  Air Date: 11/25/1998
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**from SoapCity.com**Although Sami didn‘t get the key for Tony, he gives her the incriminating photos of Nicole kissing Colin in exchange for Sami‘s promise to find out what Marlena and John are involved in at the hospital. Tony tells Colin about the drawing of the key and Colin reveals his encounter with Spector and that Marlena is still unreachable. Tony confronts Colin about meeting with Raymond Grant, but Colin denies that the meeting had anything to do with the DiMeras. Meanwhile, Nicole tries to tell Brandon about Sami‘s lies, but is delayed by Craig, wanting to examine her. Just as Nicole is about to spill the beans, Sami pops her head in and flashes the incriminating photos to Nicole. She drops the subject of Sami completely and feigns exhaustion. Brandon leaves and Sami sails in, trying to get the upper hand. Later, Victor asks Brandon if he knows what‘s going on between Sami/Nicole because he‘s convinced that Sami did something to Nicole before she was shot and he‘s determin