Ep. #8426

Season 34, Episode 11 -  Air Date: 11/23/1998
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John and Marlena‘s wedding ceremony begins and they start it off by having their children form the bride‘s bouquet with a flower that represents them. The couple then both recite poems they‘ve written themselves as part of their vows. At the reception, Bo notices ""Hope"" crying and asks her what‘s wrong, only for ""Hope"" to blow him off. Carrie tries to talk with Austin when their song is played but he walks away before she can say anything. When Sami rubs it in her face, Carrie runs out to the terrace in tears. Shawn and Caroline decide to renew their vows while the minister‘s still there. Bo informs Vivian about the furnace explosion at her townhouse and about ""Hope""‘s reaction to the art expert examining the seascape painting. Austin follows Carrie out to the terrace and offers her his handkerchief. Bo finds ""Hope"" and accuses her of reaching her drinking limit but she tells him he doesn‘t know anything about her. When Alice insinuates she‘s had too much to drink as well Gina