Ep. #8425

Season 34, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 11/20/1998
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Gina meets with John outside Salem to carry out Stefano‘s plan to turn John back into Father John. Over at the Kiriakis mansion, Kate meets Brandon for the first time and is angry when she learns Nicole has invited him to live there. At the hospital, Craig and Nancy try to get Ali under control after they see her drawing a bloodied picture of Carrie. Laura overhears their conversation and soon after she and Claire McIntyre get into a fight over Ali‘s lawsuit. Meanwhile, over at the Penthouse Grill no one knows where John is and Marlena is worried. Eric tells Bo that John went to meet ""Hope"" and when she arrives Marlena demands to know where her husband is. John finally arrives at the Penthouse Grill and the ceremony begins, but someone has knocked out Rolf.