Ep. #8423

Season 34, Episode 8 -  Air Date: 11/18/1998
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At the DiMera mansion Gina pays Stefano a visit and the two talk about Marlena‘s plea for his help. At the prison, the news woman reports that the execution‘s underway and Tracey blows out her candle. In the viewing room, the audience react to the two injections going into Sami, as the 3rd injection is started Lucas barges in confessing to the murder. The governor‘s phone rings and the execution is haulted. Gina notices how shocked Stefano is and he tells her he never tried to save Sami. Meanwhile, a University Hospital helecopter lands at the prison carrying Roman, Mike and Kate. Carson Palmer arrives on the scene and demands to know whats happening. Austin punches Lucas and everyone demands to know whats going on. In the death chamber, Marlena, Mike, Eric and Roman rush in to get Sami, but she flatlines. In the viewing room, Kate explains that Roberto Barelli made a death bed confession to Franco Kelly‘s murder and thats why the execution was haulted, not because of Lucas. I