Ep. #8420

Season 34, Episode 5 -  Air Date: 11/13/1998
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Austin takes Will to see his mother at the prison, and tells the reporters that it will be a tragedy if Sami dies. Inside, Eric and Sami spend time together, and she makes him swear not to give up on love and happiness. Austin brings Will in, and Sami wraps her arms around her son, knowing she doesn‘t have much time left with him. Mickey comes in, and tells her that her appeal was turned down. Shawn and Caroline show up after a nasty confrontation with the parents of a murdered young man, and Sami tells Will how lucky he is to have such a wonderful family. When Sami voices her astonishment that Lucas let Austin bring Will to see her, he reveals that Lucas and Nicole are off on their honeymoon. Eric is shocked, but his concern is for Sami.Kate is at the hospital with Roberto, telling him that the only way he can protect is family is to say that he shot Franco, but Roberto refuses. Kate lays the whole plan out for him, but he would rather die with honor. He still refuses, so Kate sends