Ep. #8418

Season 34, Episode 3 -  Air Date: 11/11/1998
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Vivian tells Nicholas the story of Jonsey, how when he died she inherited his assets, only they all actually belonged to Stefano, and he married her to get them back. Vivian then tells Nicholas that she‘s not really dying. Bo visits Victor in the nursing home and asks him to forgive Vivian and attend her farewell party, but he refuses. In the townhouse basement, Stefano and Rolf discuss the Renet paintings Gina‘s forging and her attraction to John, and how the stress of remembering his past could kill him. In the park, Gina uses the compact to try and trigger John‘s memories and for a moment it works, but John regains control. He tells ""Hope"" that Gina‘s dead and not even Stefano could bring her back, and Gina says that‘s exactly what he‘s done. John‘s stunned and Gina says she‘s Hope but Stefano left his memories in her and she‘s been remembering and she misses that life. In Salem Place Ali spots Carrie crossing the street and tries to run her down. Shortly after, Ali gets a c