Ep. #8416

Season 34, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 11/9/1998
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Stefano is furious when Wayne and Earl tell him they weren‘t able to capture Greta. After watching John on the monitor for awhile, he decides to use Hope‘s memory disk to transfer Hope into Gina to destroy the Brady family.Hope tells Bo that Greta was telling the truth when she told him that his daughter with Billie died in the bayou. Bo immediately wants to start planning their future together, but Hope says she needs time.Billie tells Roman about the lies she told regarding her daughter. Roman tells her that he can sympathize with her, and sort of understand why she did it, but he doesn‘t think that he can forgive her.Kate isn‘t thrilled when Lucas tells her that he‘s ready to get romantically involved with Nicole, she was encouraging him to date Taylor, whom she had hired to help him work towards recovery.Greta meets with John and tells him she wants to help him learn the truth. After she tells him part of what happened with Bo and Hope, John realises Greta is in love with Bo.