Ep. #8165

Season 33, Episode 2 -  Air Date: 11/11/1997
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The Penthouse Grill: AUSTIN spots CARRIE heading into the elevator, leaving The Penthouse Grill, he asks her why she isn‘t staying for the wedding, she says she has to go and help MIKE at the hospital, but she‘ll be right back. Inside, LAURA is organizing ""SUSAN"" (Actually Kristen in disguise) and EDMUND‘S wedding when VIVIAN arrives and congratulates her on her performance at ""KRISTEN‘S"" funeral, both Laura and Vivian agree Kristen is better off dead, as Laura thinks back to the night ""Kristen"" was murdered, Laura thinks of her shooting ""Kristen"", she then decides to go home and get changed.Later, Vivian gives Edmund a wedding present for himself and ""Susan"", as SISTER MARY MOIRA enters she confronts Vivian as they speak about JONESY‘S death, Vivian then gives Sister Mary Moira a check for $25 000 as she is now Mega Rich after being married to Jonesy. Vivian later tells SAMI that she has to be blackmailing KATE to have her job at Titan; Sami keeps her lips sealed. JACK, JENNIFER, M