Ep. #8157

Season 32, Episode 250 -  Air Date: 10/30/1997
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At Java Cafe, Sami manages to track down Kate and proceeds to tell her that Eric will not be returning to Salem as she had been planning! Sami tells her she will not go to prison again, just as Lucas and Will show up. Will, dressed as a little devil, asks Sami why she would be heading off to jail. She covers and says that her and Kate were just fooling around. Patty, the waitress at the Java Café, comes over and asks Will if he would like to bob for apples, so he takes off. Lucas tells the girls that he is on Victor‘s side since he was the one who helped him get some time with Will – and to leave him and Nicole alone. He then informs them that Gene Briscoe is filing the divorce papers even as they speak, and leaves in a huff. Nicole overhears and reiterates Lucas‘ warning. She then proceeds to gloat to them that she and Victor will be married very soon! She asks them if they are going to give up and accept defeat? Brandon shows up and pulls Sami away. Kate and Nicole continue the