Ep. #7967

Season 32, Episode 60 -  Air Date: 2/4/1997
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PREVIEW: Sami and Brandon elope! Mimi comforts Rex when the results of his DNA test arrive and they prove Tony is not the father of the twins.SUMMARY:At the trauma center, Lucas is thrilled to get confirmation that Sami is behind the paternity results switch. Tony encourages Lucas to get his revenge on Sami, so Lucas contacts Kate and Nicole to alert them of Sami‘s impending downfall. Unfortunately, they can‘t find Sami. Meanwhile, Sami has convinced Brandon to elope, and, after buying wedding rings from the Justice of the Peace, the wedding ceremony begins. Locked in her room, Nicole gets the call from Lucas and tries to climb out her window. When Victor catches her, he pushes her out the window! Of course, Nico catches her below; Victor would never kill Nicole and leave his fingerprints on it. Victor lets Nicole go to the hospital. Tony informs Lexie that Lucas had information against Sami. He suggests that she tell Abe the truth. After Tony leaves, Lexie does just that. Unhappily,