Ep. #7944

Season 32, Episode 37 -  Air Date: 12/31/1996
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**from SoapOperaFan.com**At the pub Sami warns Austin that his car is too dangerous to drive but Austin doesn‘t believe her. Sami tries to tell Austin he needs to have it checked but neither one believes her because last time she tried this the car was fine. Austin leaves to bring the car back to the pub and nobody believes poor Sami, not even her grandparents.Later the Brady‘s all toast their various family members as Sami worries about Austin‘s safety. Determined to do something to stop him Sami puts on her jacket and leaves for the impound. Sami gets to the police impound as Austin is about to get into the car. Sami tries to convince Austin something is wrong with the car but Austin won‘t believe her, and he tells her this is all about trying to get him to love her, which won‘t happen. Sami says that he has to love her and Austin tells her it will never happen, and the site of her makes him sick. He goes on to tell her that Will is only here because she drugged him, and even thoug