Ep. #7943

Season 32, Episode 36 -  Air Date: 12/30/1996
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**From SoapOperaFan.com**As Marlena, John, Jen, and Kristen go upstairs to see Laura Kristen tries to make excuses to get out of seeing her. Marlena becomes angry with Kristen because she is so hesitant, but Kristen eventually agrees to go up to see her. They all enter the room where Laura is resting and Mike is sitting next to her. John notices the read mark on Laura‘s head and Mike says it seems to be a burn of some kind. Marlena wakes Laura up and tells her Kristen is here and asks why she wanted to see Kristen so badly. Laura tries to remember but she can‘t, and when she tries she says it hurts her head terribly. As they go to leave Laura suddenly blurts out that Kristen was in the room with her when it happened. When they ask Laura what she means Laura says she was here with her on Christmas day, and Kristen says that she was there to bring a present to Jennifer. Kristen then says that the thing that happened must have been when she woke up, and Laura says that must have been it.