Ep. #7942

Season 32, Episode 35 -  Air Date: 12/27/1996
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**From SoapOperaFan.com**Sami is at home wallowing in her grief still thinking Austin could love her if given time. Austin shows up and serves her with the annulment papers and to tell her that he and Carrie will be married as soon as possible. After they have left Sami vows not to let the annulment go through. Carrie and Austin go to the pub to give Carrie‘s grandparents the news about the annulment.They are thrilled and Shawn gets the champagne to celebrate while Caroline goes to get the glasses but Carrie is afraid to celebrate because Sami could be planning something. Back at her apartment Sami calls her lawyer to stop the annulment, but her lawyer tells her she can do nothing to stop the annulment. The lawyer tells Sami to accept the alimony checks and move on because her marriage is over, but Sami refuses to let Austin go.Caroline gives Kate a call and Kate suggests that Austin and Carrie marry at the mansion as soon as she comes back from the business trip. As they discuss