Ep. #7941

Season 32, Episode 34 -  Air Date: 12/26/1996
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**from SoapOperaFan.com**Bo and Hope are getting the lineup ready for Jill, but Hope has her doubts. Billie shows up with Jill and Bo has the men brought in for Jill to look at. After all the men have lined up, including Franco, Bo asks Jill if she sees the man. Before she can answers Hope wakes up to find it was all a dream, but that it‘s going to become real today. Hope goes to the pub where Shawn D has prepared a special breakfast for Hope and his father in anticipation for the day. Bo comes in and tells Hope that Jill will be released this afternoon if all goes well. Shawn D leaves them to eat and Bo has to leave get things set up. Bo is positive Jill will ID Franco and that he and Hope will be back together, but Hope thinks otherwise.Out on the docks Billie is remembering her past with Bo when Franco shows up. Franco senses she‘s nervous but she tells him she believes he is innocent. Franco says she‘s nervous because if Jill clears him it means Bo might still love her, which Bil