Ep. #7940

Season 32, Episode 33 -  Air Date: 12/25/1996
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It‘s Christmas Day and at the Brady‘s house it‘s being celebrated. Shawn and Caroline are waiting until the whole family stops by. Abe, Lexie and Celeste are already there. Jonah, Wendy and Ben are opening presents while Celeste & Caroline remember past Christmases. Caroline gifs Celeste a picture of them on Celeste‘s last Christmas in Salem.Sami wakes up at home and finds Santa there. He tells her she‘s been very naughty, but she immediately tells him that Carrie is the naughty one. On the other side of the hall Austin wakes Carrie up with a present. Austin tells her that the annulment is moved up and they will marry very soon. Sami convinces Santa that Carrie is naughty and tries to steel her husband. Sami wants him back for Christmas. Santa agrees and will make sure of that. Then Sami wakes up and wonders if it really happened. Sami dresses will when Austin & Carrie enter the room. Sami tells about her encounter with Santa but nobody believes her.Jennifer, Jack and Abby are also o