Ep. #7939

Season 32, Episode 32 -  Air Date: 12/24/1996
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It‘s Christmas Eve, at the Brady Pub; the Christmas tree is lightened by Shawn-D. Also Shawn & Caroline are there, like Sami, Lucas, Carrie and Will. Austin also arrives with news for Carrie. Austin lets Carrie know that he and her can use the Titan jet. They can fly back whenever they want to see Will. Carrie is thrilled. It‘s a Christmas gift from Kate. Sami and Lucas are curious why Carrie is so happy.Jennifer thanks Kristen for her help. Abe, Lexie, Abby and John return from the kitchen but Abe and Lexie leave. Just when they‘re gone Marlena and Belle arrive. John goes with Abby and Belle after some cookies. Jennifer talks to Marlena and Kristen about Christmases she missed with her mother, Laura. Laura still lies on the bench. Mickey and Maggie came after Abby, and Mike arrives at the Dimera mansion to pick up Jennifer. They go searching again. John leaves the room and mentions that he and Kristen will spend Christmas together with their child. Marlena tell Kristen that that‘s n