Ep. #7938

Season 32, Episode 31 -  Air Date: 12/23/1996
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At the Brady House, Shawn-D is praying that Jill wakes up. His prayers are answered when Bo & Hope announce that Jill woke up and she will attend a line-up. Shawn-D is very happy. At the Nursing, Home Jill has a bad dream about Franco; she screams it out. Franco is also there walking around. Shawn-D goes to tell Shawn & Caroline the good news. Hope is mad at Bo for giving Shawn-D hope. They both still disagree at Franco. Hope believes that Bo is in love with Billie. A phone call disturbs their fight. They discover that Jill wants to speak them and they leave immediately. Franco calls his boss and informs that he can‘t get to Jill. Bo and Hope arrive at the Nursing Home. Jill tells them that she doesn‘t want to go to the line-up. Bo & Hope tell about the importance for their wedding. She still refuses, but changes her mind when Hope tells her about the time when she was kidnapped by Jude St. Clair. Franco walks around at Salem Place and is being called by his boss. Franco wants to meet