Ep. #7937

Season 32, Episode 30 -  Air Date: 12/20/1996
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Billie is busy organizing everything at the Titan Christmas Gala. Franco enters. He came for news on Jill. But there are no changes. He tells Billie that she and Bo will be together. Meanwhile Bo waits while the doctor is with Jill. Hope arrives and they still disagree about Franco being her attacker. But both agree on wanting to get married. Hope feels Jill will wake up tonight. The Doctor informs them that Jill is improving. Bo decides to stay with her, but is reminded of the Gala. He decides no to go, because he doesn‘t want to upset Hope. Hope leaves to the Gala Kate is also at the Gala and overhears Billie and Franco. He tells Billie that Bo loves her. Franco eventually leaves to change but will return. Kate comes to Billie and agrees with Franco. Billie must tell Bo that she loves him. Billie refuses because she doesn‘t want to hurt Bo and Hope. Kate keeps talking into her. She finally gets through to her and Billie will think about it. Hope arrives and so does Bo, after all he d