Ep. #7935

Season 32, Episode 28 -  Air Date: 12/18/1996
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Also at Sami‘s Place everything is decorated. Sami hopes that Austin will spent the day with her and Will. But Lucas enters as a funny dressed Santa. A while later, Austin also visits and wants to take Will with him to see Santa at Salem Place. Sami is thrilled until she finds out that she‘s not invited and Carrie, who enters, is. Sami refuses that Will goes along. Immediately an argument comes up. But Carrie calms down Austin and they leave. In the hall they bump into Kate. They tell her what happened. Kate goes to Sami‘s place and gives a present to Will. She tells Sami that she knows about what she did so she sent Lucas away after some gifts. Kate is mad at Sami, but Sami warns her about the blackmail. Lucas is back and tells that he was distraught from noise at Carrie & Austin‘s place. They all go to there, because Kate has a surprise. Santa is at the apartment special for Will. In the hall is Sami desperate to stop the annulment and to keep Austin from leaving. Sami decides to use