Ep. #7934

Season 32, Episode 27 -  Air Date: 12/17/1996
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It‘s a new day, and Salem is fully decorated for Christmas. Hope wakes up and greets gran. Bo stayed with Jill last night. Bo enters and tells that Jill hasn‘t awakened. Bo wants to move his thoughts and asks Hope to help him and his parents decorate St. Luke‘s. Because of Hopes bad memories there, she declines. At St. Luke‘s, Shawn D, Shawn, Caroline and Bo are helping Father Janssen to decorate the church. Hope also enters. Father Janssen thanks all of them for their help. Shawn and Caroline make sure that Hope and Bo walk under the mistletoe. Hope and Bo kiss but Hope draws back and leaves. Bo calls for info and Jill, but there‘s no break. Bo has a very good feeling.Meanwhile Jack comes home and calms down Jennifer. He and Mike put up some flyers about the missing Laura and there‘s also a reward. Jack wants to take Abby with hem to Salem Place for Santa‘s first appearance. After a talk with Jennifer, she will join them. At Salem Place. Abby goes to Santa and tells him that she want